Only two sleeps to go!

pianoduetYes, only two sleeps to go until our first piano recital!  What a fun year it’s been, and I’m so so proud of all my students.  I think we’re all a bit nervous, but we’re excited as well.  We’ve filled the program with a variety of music, both solos and duets, so it should be a lovely afternoon.

I’m actually really impressed with how well everyone is doing.  Considering I only started teaching again in term 2 of this year, so the longest they’ve been with me is two and a half terms, with two of the performers having only been with me for 6 weeks!  Everyone has something to play, and the enthusiasm to join in the recital has been really encouraging.

I didn’t have many performance opportunities outside of my exams when I was learning.  I think I did one eisteddfod, but I’m not overly keen on competition, and I did bits and pieces at school.  I do see the importance of performing though, I’m seeing my students work really hard at polishing up their pieces, sorting out those tricky bits, and I’m seeing the grins of delight as they realise they’ve actually pulled it together and are ready to perform (even if it was only in this last week!).

I have no doubt it’s going to be a fun afternoon.  Stay tuned for photos and videos!

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