Spring Recital 2015

Wow.  Wow. Wow.  I could not be more proud of all my students.  Sunday’s recital ran so smoothly, and they all did a fantastic job.  They put me to shame, as it was me that kept making booboos in the duets! LOL (sorry kids!!)

We had a range of abilities, from two of my students having only had six lessons, to students who started with me when I started teaching 2 1/2 terms ago, to my own children who have learned for a couple of years.  We had two preschoolers, one played and one sang a song with me, which was just adorable.  Then we ended with a rhythm group, which was different and fun.

Here’s some pictures taken on the day.  I still need to have a play with the video, but I will upload a few performances soon!

We had a great turn out of parents and grandparents, and a few friends came along too.  The support and comments from them towards myself and the students was so lovely.  I think everyone really enjoyed it!

I was a bundle of nerves before we started.  It was the public speaking that goes along with hosting a recital that was getting to me!  But once we got started, I was so excited to be introducing the next performer my nerves disappeared and I just enjoyed it! Watching these kids perform, as their teacher, was seriously the best thing.  I know all the trouble spots in their pieces, and to see them play through them sooooo well, and the proud smiles as they stood up to bow…. I now know this is the right job for me.  Loving it ?


  1. Can’t wait for the next one, the kids were great & and u planned a great event 🙂

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